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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Snake Charmer is done!

He’s done and looking so good, as far as Snake Charmers go. I have quite a few pictures to show you, so it’s going to be a long post, I’ll apologize now for keeping you here to long.

Here are his shoes. Red leather uppers, brown leather bottoms, gold soutache trim around the edge, a gold cabochon on the heel. I couldn’t find small buckles for his straps, so I was trying to think what could I use. I decided that carpet tacks would work. And why not, they have a great design on them that works, the tack is fairly long and with glue will hold well. Of course the toe got a little pedi while I was at it.


The embellishment on his wrists is from a bracelet I got at a thrift store that I repurposed. They worked very well, so don’t forget to check those thrift stores for these kinds of gems. Excuse the glue, it wasn’t quite dry when I took the picture.  I sewed the embellishment on, but I like to add some glue on edges for extra strength.


Then of course he needed a pillow to sit on. He can’t charm snakes all day and have to sit on the hard ground. The fabric is from an upholstery sample and enough was left to make a mat for the Cobra’s in their baskets. The small cobra was supposed to sit on the Snake Charmers head, but I thought he would look cute in a little basket following the older Cobra’s lead. The eyes were meant to be painted or penciled on, but I used plastic eyes and added eyelids and I think it gives them a more realistic look.  The gold trim on the mat is an eBay find from my favourite eBay seller.


He also needs a satchel to keep his coins in that he will definitely be getting from onlookers. This is also made from an upholstery sample. I made the cord on the satchel using the Diva Cord Maker. That is one addictive thing…. I decided to give him a moustache and goatee and I think it makes him look very distinguished.

snakecharmer11web faceweb

And finally he is all together with his Cobra’s. They are totally mesmerized by him and his music. I hope you enjoyed watching how he came together, he is really quite amazing to see up close and personal. With thanks to Shirley Shaw for her imagination in creating this pattern. At some point I will make the companion to him, The Charmed Cobra.  If I ever find this elusive designer, I will be able to thank her.


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  1. Wow I have never seen such a handsome snake charmer before. Love his plush cushion and his beautiful sandals and his whole outfit is wonderful. The snakes well can I call them adorable well yours are.



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