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Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Dolly Art Cards

In between working on the doll for Colleen, I’ve also been working on art cards for our doll show and sale next month. I do not claim to be any kind of expert using Paint Shop Pro X3, but I do know how to play around and see things that I like.

My friend Karen from the doll club kept asking if I was going to do art cards, so I finally relented. I really thought they would take longer than they did, and was pleasantly surprized at how fast they came together. A couple of afternoons and they were finished. I used pictures I had taken of my dolls, played around with the settings in PSP X3, printed them off on glossy photo paper and created these.

All the cards and envelopes have black roughed up paper edges.Two of the pictures are as they were taken, the only thing I did was add shiny copper coloured corners the Jesters and to Raven’s picture, I used black photo corners.

02web  07web

With Orlando, I just found a tiling feature and played with that until I thought it looked balanced. The colours are the same as how the picture was taken.


With Beatrice, I created a collage from pictures I took, and just added a little turn down on the corner. 08web

For these next two cards, I did the same collage type effect, then  made the pictures black and white. The one with the turn downed corner also has a border to make it look like an old photograph. The picture below that, has roughed up looking edges.04web


What set of cards would be complete without a Santa. This one I made into a Vintage looking Santa. This is the doll I made last year and sent him off to live in Australia. I just changed it to black and white and added what I think looks like a vintage type border.


This last card is my favourite. And they are dolls designed by the same designer, Barbara Schoenhoff. In this example I used a sepia setting, and found a border that makes it look like the picture is taped to a separate piece of paper, and to finish it, I used copper photo corners. I plan to make more cards with pictures of my other dolls, but these are the first ones out of the blocks. If you have a graphics program, just play and have fun with it and see what you can create. If I can fumble my way around so can you..


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