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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Horth Hill Park

We’re very lucky here in that we have so many regional parks to visit and enjoy a hike and thinking ahead even spend time at a bench having a picnic lunch. What’s not to like, no traffic noises, no running errands, doing chores….just spending time in a beautiful place with just the sounds of nature to top that solitude.

With all the rain we had this past year, and cool temperatures, the forest floor is a carpet of ferns, and Oregon grape plants, salal, and all manners of trees that have come down in some of the wind storms and so much more. The parks department doesn’t clear those away, they just clear the walking paths and leave the wood to rot down and go back into the earth. It completes the cycle of life in a forest when they do that. The little organisms, animals and birds thrive and the trees eventually just crumble and turn into that amazing soil that only a forest has that makes everything that grows in it, just grow and grow and grow…

The hike up to the viewpoint seemed much harder the last time we did it, but maybe we were in better shape this time???? I did take pictures of the route going up…

This first part looks like what I envision a fairy garden to be. Any minute now some gnomes will pop out from behind something. Pretty isn’t it.


And up we go….. See how the tree is leaning. Eventually that will fall down and they’ll just cut it up and move it off the path and leave it off to the side.


And up some more….


Yeah I know, it looks tame. But when you feel the boom boom in your chest, you know that your heart is getting a good workout…;o)


Almost there….


Ahhh, the reward…..


Do you know what this next picture is of ?????  Give up ????? ;o))  It’s taken going downhill…..YES!!!  It really is very special to be able to go to these parks whenever we like, I so appreciate that….


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