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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Esquimalt Lagoon

It was such a beautiful day on Sunday we decided an outing was in order. We picked up a friend and off we went for a very good lunch at the Spitfire Grill. It’s next to the airport and is built inside an old airplane hanger. Lots of wonderful  creative touches like miniature old planes and all things aeronautical.

From there we went for a drive. We didn’t tell our passenger where, we just made her guess until we got there. Along the way, just as we were going to turn, up ahead I could see what looked like a bobble head inside a bag on the back of a motorcycle….We just had to see what it was, but there was a car in front of us, darn.

Just as we came to the turning lane I was able to snap a quick picture. Now this is just the cutest thing I ever saw. I never knew they made helmets this small, goggles yes, but not helmets. I had to take this picture really fast, but I did get one…so yay for me… I don’t know the breed of the dog, but I’m leaning toward something like a Silky…Tiny tiny dog and oh so cute. Her little head was looking left and right, and her pretty silky hair was blowing in the breeze. It also has the cutest little pink outfit with what looks like Rhinestones at the neck edge…. I enlarged the picture I took to see how they had her secured in the bag and I think they have something like straps holding her in. She looked very safe.


Next stop was the lagoon. Had to take this picture coming in, the mountains, the ocean and the shoreline were in perfect harmony.


Once we were out of the van we walked over to the edge to see the birds that live there. It’s a nature sanctuary and all kinds of birds reside there. Pigeons, Ducks, Crows, Sparrows, Starlings, Geese, Gulls, Herons and Swans. Maybe others to, that I didn’t happen to spot. I started down toward where they were to get some pictures and a swan started walking toward me. If I had reached out my hand I could have pet him, but he started to raise his wings and make an odd noise which kind of told me, that if I didn’t have any grain for him, I should just go back where I was…lol


I managed a picture of a Heron. I couldn’t get much closer, the ground is pretty rich with, well you know, and I wasn’t sure I was supposed to get much closer out of respect for their turf.


I thought this was a gorgeous shot of a group of Swans. They are so beautiful. I call this one Seven Swans a Swimming based on the Twelve Days of Christmas song. 


So one more shot looking across the lagoon area. The first picture is looking out from the other side of the road to the ocean. It’s such an amazing place to enjoy the scenery, ocean breezes and nature at it’s finest. Our friend hadn’t been out here for years, so it was a treat for her to see all the changes… A great day for all of us…


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