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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beatrice Bumble

A couple of weeks ago my friend Janet at the local tea shop called to say she had sold a doll for me. But then she said “now I have an empty spot, what can you fill it with”… Alrighty then, let me think about it. She gave me some colour choices and off I went to make that decision. Then it came to me, HAH! I’ll fix her.

She keeps getting me to make those decisions, so I’ll just turn that around. I snagged a pile of patterns and went to see her. I handed them over to her and said “you decide”. She was pretty happy with that until she had to figure out what she wanted… This is what she decided. She has a display of honey themed products, including honey, tea cosies, honey pots etc. and needed something to go with that.

I’m happy to say that Janet will probably bust out in a big cheeky grin when I stop in today. I finished the last of the touches this morning. This is Beatrice a design by Cindee Moyer. I'm pretty stoked myself how she turned out.


I wasn’t sure what I would use for the fuzzy black part of her, then the light came on, you know that light of AHA! I know, that is in all of us. I have some black Minky fabric, perfect for a bumblebee. The yellow is dupioni silk.



The yellow paper roses are so pretty. I got them from Joggles, and I got all the colours that Barb has. They are so sweet, only about 3/4” wide, the leaves are also from Joggles. The black rose is actually a black rose button. I cut the shank off the back to make it fit more flush to the body.


The wings are made with a slim wired cord, doubled and twisted, then painted black. I pushed them into her back and just to finish off that spot, I again used black rose buttons with the shank cut off. It just seemed to finish it off cleanly. This morning I spread glue over the wings and sprinkled them with fine black glass glitter to give them a bit of sparkle like Cindee’s.

Although you can’t see it in the picture below, there is a sparkly black trim and a black slightly fluffy gimp trim around her face and one of my favourite black metal roses from ARTchix on the top of that to finish off. I had to tip her back a bit to see her face as she’s looking down. She has a very gentle look as though she’s pondering all of Mother Natures beauty.

Oh poor Beatrice, I almost forgot her antennae. Just added and now she's really done.

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