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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cloth Doll Marrotte’s

I finished my Marrotte’s today and thought you might like to see them. This was in an online class at Joggles, with Judy Skeel. That same class is now being offered over at Doll Street, so if you like them, don’t miss this class. Just think there’s no body and tiny fingers to turn. Just heads on sticks. I mean really, how much easier could it be. ;o))

This is one started off with painted eyes, but sometimes we can get carried away and over work a thing. That’s what happened here. I hated the eyes so I poked holes in them (poor thing) and popped in some plastic eyes and gave her eyelids. It made all the difference. The top of her head is embellished with fairy size paper roses that I got from Joggles. They are awesome trims if you want just that right thing for a special project. The lamb skin hair had gotten a bit wild looking, so I took my crochet hook and a bit of water and curled the bits of hair, much better. The back of this ones head is wrapped with gimp (lampshade trim), then I wrapped some fringe around the head (it’s about 4” long with the top braided edge.

 05whitemarrotteweb 05whitemarrottebackweb 

I keep thinking this is my favourite one. I love the black and white look and I’m going to be doing one or two more black and white themed dolls for the show in September. This one has black/white fringe for hair. There are black ribbon roses around the tassel trim on the hat that aren’t instantly noticeable, but IRL they are a great feature.

 01blackwhitemarrotteweb 01blackwhitemarrottebackweb

The purple and green one is also a pretty one. The face was nice before, but of all of them, this one just screamed forth when I sprayed with the fixative. It just seemed to come to life. This one has a boa for hair, that’s always tricky to work with.

03purplegreenmarrotteweb 03purplegreenmarrottebackweb

Next is the fuchsia and gold one, with a touch of green. What you can’t see well in the picture, is how the ribbons are twisted together, and in between the rows I tucked in some beaded fringe. I especially like the playful look on this ones face.

02fuschiamarrotteweb 02fuschiamarrottebackweb 

The last one I call the Cranky Gypsy. Doesn’t she just look like she’s itching to give you a nasty Tarot card reading…. Her hair is done with a boa as well. The hat is  trimmed with a beaded fringe.

04greenmarrotteweb 04greenmarrottebackweb 

All of the sticks are painted to match one of the colours in the dolls, then I painted them with Twinkles glitter glue which really made them pop. Each one also has a cabochon glued to the bottom of the stick. The base of the sticks are trimmed with a variety of ribbons, lace, paper roses and/or cabochons. I was a bit worried about their quirky noses at first, but as each one came together, I realized it just gave them so much charm, so I love them as they are. Enjoy…;o)))

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