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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Friday, April 9, 2010

A Mad Hatter Throne

I am putting the finishing touches on The Mad Hatter by Julie McCullough (it’s a new pattern and oh so cute). I will post pictures in a couple of days. For today though, I thought you might like to see the chair/throne I built for him.

My first thought was to be able to make him a chair out of small twigs from trees, but knowing my time was limited and that I would have to spend a fair bit of time gathering the same size pieces, then work at putting them all together, I decided that I would try something like that when I wasn’t in such a hurry. I went searching for inspiration and found it at Safeway, yes a grocery store, in the floral department.

It begins with a woven basket, just what I wanted to, a black base and it’s built on a heavy wire frame. The base is a bit smaller as the basket is a slight V shape, but the smaller end becomes the seat part.


The next thing I found were two metal napkin holders at the dollar store. I brought my prizes home and got to work. With pliers in hand and help from hubby, I got busy and took them apart and them sort of put them back together in places. Looking at the picture below, I used the sides of the napkin holders for the arms of what the chair would become. The other napkin holder I used just the domed shaped pieces, turning one of them upside down and created the back of the chair with that.


I’ve taped pieces back together for the sides, and left out the center scroll parts for the back. Then I laid the pieces down on the fabric, traced around them and created covers for the three pieces.


On the above piece, I did a stitch with the sewing machine close to the domed edges just to secure them being a larger piece. Once they were all stitched closed on the open end, and in the case of the big one, stitched around, then I trimmed the edges with some black/white soutache trim. Aren’t they looking interesting and you can just barely see the design of the scrolls, which is okay to….


The last thing the chair needed was a cushion. I wanted it to be bright and cheerful to match how flashy the Mad Hatter is going to be. I made it with red corduroy top and bottom, with black/white checks in the center and button tufted the seat. Doesn’t that make it look great and the trim around the back and arms joins the look together.


Now here it is all put together. He’s sitting on it a bit like a throne and his feet dangle. Looks great. Will show you how he looks in the chair when the whole look is together.



So when you decide you need something for a doll to sit in, don’t use the standard chairs if you don’t have to. Get imaginative and creative and your dolls will thank you… My Mad Hatter is looking pretty giddy sitting watching me….Stay tuned….;o)))

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