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Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Windows

How can new windows be interesting…??? When you’ve looked at ugly windows since the dawn of time, you get excited about the prospect of new ones. One had a big crack in it for years because of one of our earthquakes. No plan to replace it because eventually they would all be done.

The only window left that didn’t have a broken seal was the bay window. Once it went, no choice left. I was actually happy to see that the seal was gone because it meant new windows were close at hand.  I couldn’t even clean the windows much anymore, there was so much ick between the panes that no amount of cleaning would matter, the dirt was between the layers of glass.

To say I’m excited is an understatement. We’re doing renos over time, not all at once. Pay for one thing, then plan for the next and so far the theory of deferred gratification is working. Yes I know, so many people once the house is paid off, or even before that, have all kinds of work crews converge on them at once dismantling everything in sight. Here, not so much.

One thing at a time, kind of like the turtle and the hare. Slow and steady, we’ll get things done. What’s the rush…. Here are before and after pics of the worst window. Is this not the worst thing to look at. Duct tape to keep the crack from going any further….in theory anyway….


To this…what’s not to get excited about…..We even had them install the side windows of the bay window that can be opened, so now I can air the house out with those windows or just have a nice breeze coming in and enjoy the fragrance of the flowers in the garden.

These guys were so quick and efficient. They had 11 windows in, screens on, cleaned, and cleaned up in 6 hours. Now that’s service. For locals, they are P n R Windows and Screens. We have one more small window to do in the front entrance way that we decided on after they were here. That will be done shortly and we’re finished. Am loving the ability to look out my windows without tape or dirt blocking the view…


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  1. I can so relate to being tickled over new windows. We're also renovating very slowly and paying cash for everything as we go. We put in our new windows several years ago, and they still thrill me-LOL They tip in for cleaning and I so love that!



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