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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Saturday, December 5, 2009

I am still here, really !!!!

What a time I've been having. First I had that miserable bronchitis for 3 weeks. It threatened to return the other day and I ran for the treatments I got from my Naturopath to ward off that horrible thing and it worked.

Since the bronchitis I've been fighting with my computer to keep it going. I've seen the blue screen of death more that the desktop of life and finally yesterday it kicked it's clogs and totally died. Wouldn't let me re-install windows properly one last time just so I could at least do a couple of things like listen to my online radio stations, but it was not to be.

It just crashed and burned so it's living in the hallway for the weekend until I parade past it with the new computer in the next day or two. I want it to know there is life after it died on me. I might even stand the new one next to it for a moment or two just to rub in the fact that it's been replaced.

I suppose I could have taken it to the tech in town here, but really. It would mean leaving it with him for days and days because he's just so busy, and the cost of the repairs might not have been worth it. I couldn't install Internet Explorer 8 ( I know because it crashed every time I tried) and it didn't like the Service Pack 3 any better, crashed even worse. I had Windows XP in there, but even with lots of memory etc etc, it just wouldn't play nice, so it seems more practical to buy new since they have come down so much in price. I'm going to have a system that's miles ahead of this poor thing and I would be feeling like "what if it dies at any moment". I'm bypassing Vista this way to, and that's good. I've heard nothing good about Vista, I'm going straight on to Windows 7. Will post how I like it when I test drive it.

I think besides the computer itself I suspect something got past my security program and messed things up to. It was time I guess. I am feeling positive about the whole experience because I learned a lot more about the computer and that there are things I can do to fix it. I'm not into the inner workings of it, but I can do a lot for myself first before throwing in the towel.

Thankfully I can use hubby's computer to keep in touch, and as soon as my new toy arrives I will show you what I've been working on. I've been busy and maybe for the next few days not having the idiot box staring at me, I'll get more done..... so with that, I'll sign off and talk to you soon....... We're supposed to have a stormy night and some flurries for the next couple of yay, that makes me happy. It probably means it won't be a White Christmas this year if it snows now. Here on the west coast it warms up quite a bit after it snows and it takes time to get down to the right temp again for more snow, but I'll take what we get.

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  1. Hi Romona,
    Just thought I see what you're up to, sorry you haven't been well, hope that terrible bronchitis has gone for good, how's your new computer going? I think mine is on it's last leg too, have had the blue screen a few times, luckily Robert (my son)has kept it alive for so long.
    Anyway have a wonderful christmas a safe and happy new year, looking forward to your next creation......
    Hugs, Michelle



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