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Sunday, November 15, 2009

A few things

Wow, two weeks can sure fly since my last post. I have an excuse, bronchitis. From start to finish, 3 weeks. Gross is the word of the day. Haven't had a bout of it for quite a while and have to say it was probably the worst I can remember having....but it's gone and this is a new week. I did work on some things while I was laid up. Things that were easily propelled out of my hands when the coughing fits would start....

This is a Christmas gift for a friend. It's a Cindy Seiving pattern, called Jeppo De Jester. I love this pattern because it's  like a blank palette. You have the basic wall doll pattern and it's up to you how much or how little you embellish it. Use whatever fabrics and trims and create this doll. It was one of those instant gratification kind of things, sort of.

JeppoDeJester2  JeppoDeJester1

I also caught up on some charity sewing. These are little towels/covers, for the very sick babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care of the Victoria General Hospital. If you would like to know more about this, please click here to go to my regular website and scroll down to Causes on the right side of the page.


I'm also working on some cloth grocery bags. Andrea that owns our local fabric store has done pot holders for about 2 years to put in with the Sidney Lions food hampers at Christmas, this year it'll be either those or a cloth grocery bag.


A friend of mine is going through some chemo treatments until Christmas (not nice timing for sure). She wasn't sure if her hair would fall out or not, the doctor said it doesn't always happen, but in this case it is. I found a great little pattern online for Chemo Caps, originally offered by Hancock Fabrics. Here is a page of free patterns, including the Hancock Fabrics one,  if you know someone who could benefit from a cap. I found the material at our local fabric shop, Fabric Traders, and it's like a thin version of polar fleece. Oh so warm and soft without the itch of wool....


I did this painted grocery bag a couple of months ago for a swap, it's a Helan Barrick design. I forgot to post this, but I've also posted a picture of my last grocery swap for the year here as well.


We painted grocery bags (those kind most stores are selling now, to replace the plastic bags), and this is what I painted for my Christmas swap partner. It's a design by Annie Lang. The whole design isn't there as it is done on an apron, but I think it's cute as is. Hope my partner likes it.... That's if for today. I am working like a crazy person on other things, stay tuned.



  1. Wow inspite of being not well you have been busy by the looks of it. Great projects. I love the dolls and especially sweetpea is beautiful. Love her embellisments.

  2. Thanks Shashi, It was all easy to work on things, so it didn't seem like work. ;o)))Romona



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