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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Rant !

I don't often post anything political or controversial, but this is something that has really bothered me since we first started hearing about it. It's all the hype (yes, I call it hype) over the Swine flu/H1N1 hysteria. While I do not claim in any way to be a health care expert, what I do promote is being well informed. I don't believe the first thing that comes out of a news alert, or even the hundreds of times the information is hurled at me by news anchor after news anchor to convince me that what they are saying is right. I prefer to use my rational mind to discern for myself, get more information and then make up my own mind about what I think it's right for me.

My personal view and not based on some lengthy stay in a institution of higher learning tells me, that the only people who are going to benefit by this H1N1 vaccine are the pharmaceutical companies that are producing this vaccine. While I maintain that the flu does have a history of  making people very sick and even causing death, I think this latest round of discussions has done nothing more than to convince people the necessity of getting those vaccinations and cause undo stress and anxiety.

But, have you really examined what it is that you are allowing someone to inject you with. I used to work in one area of health care that required us to have the flu shot, but since working, I won't go near those flu shots. You've read all the information or heard on tv or radio all the reasons why you should get the vaccine, but consider another alternative that is healthier and from those who do not have a financial reason to inject you, rather their sole reason is to keep you healthy. I am seeing my Naturopathic Doctor and having a series of immune boosting injections, designed to simply boost my bodies ability to fight possible infection and do it naturally as it should be.

There are of course those who are in a higher risk area and even those people really should consider getting a second opinion before just simply lining up like lemmings and allowing something to be injected into your body that you have no idea of what the long term effects could be. If you want to read more about my approach to my own health care, please follow the two links below (parts 1 and 2) to a document that gives a different perspective. If nothing else, you will at least have an understanding from another field of health care and be able to decide what is best for you. This is from an American source, and I am not advocating for this site, just simply drawing your attention to it.

Part 1        Part 2


  1. I agree with you Ramona, this swine flu thing has been blown out of proportion. My Dh is a transplant patient so we have some concern over it but we take the extra precautions needed on hygiene. There are no swine flu injections available here in UK and as far as we know will there be.

  2. Hi Shashi, People really need to educate themselves on these things and everything in general, but particularily when it comes to someone injecting things in their bodies. Don't take it on faith, check it out....

  3. Great post! I'm a MS microbiologist and all of this hype over H1N1 is just driving me crazy. yet, it can make you sick. and it can get away from you if you aren't careful. but I agree --- this is all money money money.

    vaccines have a relative safety level to begin with... let alone a rushed one! thanks for the links. good discussion pieces.

  4. I hope what I've said will reach more people. Have you noticed that they even have it timed to when the "thing" will hit. On our news they've practically got it down to the exact hour. Precautions of course for any flu season, but this is so over the top, I can only hope people will take a step back and think longer before acting out of fear.

  5. Yes, I've noticed that it's been super hyped everywhere. From what I always understood, flu shots were primarily geared for the very young and the elderly. And that's because they were less able to fight off a flu. I've never received a flu shot and probably won't any time soon. I take enough meds for hypertension and don't feel the need to add more chemicals to my system. Seems to me that overall health is more important than this vaccine.

  6. Hi Tami, I had to have flu shots when I worked, or I would have my hours reduced. Talk about dangling the carrot. I don't work now, but am getting a series of shots over the next few months from the Naturopath to boost my immune system, rather than a flu shot. The body needs to be strong to fight these things, not add more chemicals to it....



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