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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Tribute to Michael Jackson

Full Name: Michael Joseph Jackson
Birth Place: Gary, Indiana, USA
August 29, 1958 - June 25th, 2009


Seldom does a person you've never even met, touch you as Michael Jackson did. He was a one of a kind, a man of so many faces, endless talent, and someone who retreated behind the gates of his beloved Neverland Ranch to find his solitude, away from the rest of the world. We can never really know what his world was like. A difficult life from start to finish, but we his fans, will only remember those moments that brought us joy.

For a photo montage of Michaels life, click here.

The enormity of Michael Jacksons contributions is only now being felt after he has left us. One example of his spirit. Michael at one time owned the publishing rights to all of Little Richards music. Little Richard was literally tossed aside by those who had the rights to his music until Michael got a hold of them. He gave those rights back to Little Richard as a gift. He could have asked for money and lots of it, but he didn't, he simply gave them back to Little Richard. Unheard of generosity in the music world.

There is no one that will ever be able to recreate the talent that was Michael. He was deservedly "The King of Pop". Others will come and go, but none will ever replace Michael in our lives. His immense talent, his visions the way he kept you wanting for more, will never be recreated. If there is someone out there who hasn't seen his video's, and that's hard to imagine, just follow this link.

The Official Michael Jackson You Tube site

My absolute favourite video of course has to be Thriller, followed by Billie Jean, Beat It and so many more. The choreography in all his video's and stage performances alone is to admired, his dancing and his unique voice that never cracked as it should have when he reached maturity. Flawless to the end in everything he did, sadly we will never see what else he would have done with his talent.


I once was in a nightclub at the military base in San Diego. I was up dancing to Billy Jean. I happened to look across the room and standing there was the spitting image of Michael wearing the same outfit he wore in Thriller. When I looked again, he was gone. Of course I'm sure it was a look alike, but for that split second it felt like it was the man himself. That was a thrill even if only a look alike.


Another side of Michael Jackson, his respect for our planet. When I first watched Earth Song I was taken aback at the sheer power in the message, and moved to tears at the intensity of his performance. Be sure to read the messages at the end of the videos.

Earth Song

Heal the World

We Are the World

There are so many sides to this man that most people simply cannot see. A perfection driven man on stage and by all accounts a complete change to a softer and gentler man in private. I will always be able to remember him through everything he created for us, his fans, who could never get enough. No matter what others will say, they will never ever be able to change my respect for him as an entertainer, a musician who broke through boundary after boundary and always did his best to give his fans what they craved.

Today is a Memorial to you that will be viewed around the world, a send off few will receive. May you rest in peace now Michael, we will never forget you. You have left us with something magical to remember you by in numbers to high to count. You gave us everything you had and we thank you.


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