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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Julie McCullough Workshop

Our doll club hosted Julie McCullough this past Thurs. and Fri.

Each doll that was being made in class had it's own unique expression, so cute. Even though Julie's pattern looked fairly basic it was quite interesting how each one grew into it's own theme and Julie encouraged us to do that. Her idea with her designs, is to make them as basic as possible, the doll makers can then treat them like a blank canvas to embellish to our hearts desire. 

It was a lively class to say the least. She came to teach her newest design, The Bird of Paradise and Elf Rider, but at the same time she also worked with us on the Crone (The Secret Keeper pattern) and the Crow Crone (Stick Figure). So she had 3 different classes going on at once, but it went well. Everyone in the class is very good at working along without to much trouble, so it wasn't a stressful event for the teacher.

The ladies in this club are lots of fun and there's high energy at all times. What I really enjoy is the sharing of information but also we try each others trims and things on each others dolls to help get the best look for everyone's dolls. Julie was enjoying herself and I think quite surprized at how we all worked along and still managed to gab our heads off the whole time.

This is how far I am with my Crone. She's quite the youngster just now, so I am calling her a Crone in training as she's not really old enough or wise enough to be a Crone yet and all the wisdom and experience the title comes with. She has a fair bit to be done on her, but I don't have to have her completed until the doll club meeting in August, so yay....more time to give her special attention. She will have some embellishments befitting her training to become the Crone of the Forest. She will have a robe to keep warm because a forest can be chilly if you're not prepared. I will have her ready to go soon so stay tuned...


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