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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Script Writing

When you went to elementary school, did the teacher always push you to work hard at writing and writing properly. My hubby has always, as long as he can remember, loved the beauty of writing and writing well. He's always dabbled with writing, trying to do what most people think of as Calligraphy. This however is not Calligraphy, it's far more technical a form a writing. It is created with nibs and ink. I do not profess to know the intricacies of the art form that script writing is. Instead I will show you with images.
In the last year or so, hubby has really been working hard to learn how to do this beautiful writing. He's had the privilege of speaking to two masters. The most recent being William Lilly. Mr. Lilly studied at a school specifically for Script Writing, that being the Zanerian College in Columbus, Ohio which sadly closed decades ago. The building still stands today, but no longer hosts any classes. For more information on Mr. Lilly, please follow this link to his blog. You will see examples of his beautiful script writing. Yesterday we were speaking to Bill and would you believe this man is on the edge of 82 years young, remember I said that, 82. That day he had roller bladed for 3 miles and had been out on his bike for 14 miles. How many people half his age are out getting that kind of exercise.
In the mail one day came this envelope for hubby. I think even the postie was taken aback by this because it was propped up so carefully in the mailbox. Isn't it something. A keepsake for sure.
We sent Bill and Sandy a couple of things to show them our part of the world and the next thing I know, this comes in the mailbox. Totally surprized me, another treasure.

Bill said it would be alright to share these with whoever reads my blog and so here you are. And how is hubby doing with his writing, well, you decide. He works on it night after night and just stays with it.

This is a link to the Iampeth site that will show you far more than I ever could. Take a look at the amazing work that the members do with their pens, it is breath taking. There is also a yahoo group, and I believe you could find it either through the Iampeth site or by searching for the Iampeth group name.

1 comment:

  1. That is beautiful writing! I've always admired Calligraphy and even bought one of those teach-yourself Calligraphy kits some years ago. Deighton is doing very well at it.

    WOW! William Lilly is 82 and rollerblading and riding bikes?! WTG, Bill!



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