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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Two dolls done....and ? more to go

I have finished one of the rag dolls for a class I'm hoping to teach locally. I have made the original doll, a design by De Powell, and she is barely 12". Really tiny, so instead of calling her "My Annie", I'm calling her Baby Annie. I will be making 2 more dolls so Baby Annie has sisters to keep her company. Here she is and a view of her bloomers.... (oh really!!!)



The second doll I've finished this weekend, is the Geisha I posted last week. I've gotten over my mood regarding the measurements that were off and missing details in the pattern and went my own way to get her done. Now that she is done and heading off to the tea shop on Tuesday, I have to get her companion made, the Samurai. So that's three dolls and counting that need to be done... After those are done, I have ummmmm.......endless dolls to do and quite happy to do so.... ;o)))) A dollmakers heaven to see all the new faces and costumes arriving weekly on my work table. What more could a creative life ask for...

Here's the Geisha front and back.....




  1. Romona,
    Your geisha is really stunning. The expression on her face is so lovely. Her hair and costume, even the flowers are so elegant. Just a beautiful doll all round.

  2. Thanks Colleen, Coming from one so talented in her dollmaking and designing, that means a lot... ;o))

  3. Your rag doll ias adorable, and your geisha is gorgeous! That costume is lovely.

  4. Thanks Linda, Soon the Geisha will have a companion..time, I need more hours in the day.... ;o~

  5. Love your Geisha, you have done a great job as usual love her kimino fabric, she gorgeous

  6. Oh wow she is gorgeous. Just catching up on your blog. Is she your pattern?

  7. Hi Sashi, No, she's not mine. If you follow the link in an earlier post about Geisha, you'll find the designer. It's a two part pattern, but be aware that the Obi does not fit properly, you will have to make adjustments... ;o))



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