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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Monday, February 2, 2009

Toys for toys

Yesterday I got my newsletter from one of the fabric stores in Victoria. In it was a product review and this months was for these awesome sewing machine lights. They are designed to shine a perfect sized light right onto the sewing area of your machine. It's a bit hard to show you  exactly how it shines, but hopefully the pictures will help. This picture shows how the light is set up. You simply press the adhesive backed holder to the side of your sewing machine. The cord is flexible so you can bend it to the exact spot you need it to shine.


Have you noticed that when you sew there can often be a shadow that interferes with your sewing. You move the light around until that nuisance goes away. The same thing can happen when you paint, especially when you're in the middle of adding some shading or highlights and there's that dumb shadow again. Here is another picture to hopefully give a better idea of the light shining on the area.


I contacted the store and she had a few left, so of course I grabbed one. I also got "a kit", which is basically the adhesive backed holder and a  strip of adhesive squares and hooks for attaching the light to a second machine. Here is a picture of how the cord can be hooked up out the way. The extra strip of hooks can be applied to your second machine, like a serger or embellisher.


This light works with a power cord but the light is an LED which can work for up to 100,000 hours. What I like is that it is a small attachment for the machine, it can simply be removed from the holder and moved over to the serger if you are working back and forth on a project. You can also take it with you to a class and very good if the lighting isn't as bright as you might need it to be. This light is also perfect for someone with a small working space but needs better light to work with.

If you are interested in the light or just want to read more about it, click on over to this site. Bendable Bright Light. I hope this helps someone out there. I have tried it a little today and am totally loving it...


  1. What an AWESOME idea!!! Even though sewing machines generally have an internal light, it is never enough to cast out the shadows....this is perfect!

  2. Hi Serena, Now that I've been using this light, when I turn it off I can't believe the difference around the sewing machine needle. I thought it was okay light until I started using this. ;o))



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