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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Serger!!

Last year I replaced my old Janome sewing machine with a nice new one. I also got an embellisher, which might sound like a big expense right, but embellishers are really inexpensive. I also didn't get a big fancy sewing machine, so it's all good. Today I went to Sawyers, our very good sewing machine place and got myself a new Serger. My poor Bernina Bernette was so old, a 3 three machine and meant for industrial work. That might sound okay for working on heavy duty things, but it was I'm guessing that sweet little machine was almost 30 years old. I got it before we bought our house in '92 and it was a used machine then, so it has served me well. It still works and all I got was $20 for it on a trade, but they can clean her up and make her ready for a new sewer that will need one....

Here's my new machine and in the next few days I hope to actually turn something out with it. It's a brand new model, 789D and priced on sale for $469.00 for anyone wishing to look into this particular one. I noticed the actual price listed on the label and it read $899.00, so I guess this is an introductory price ???    I told the sales lady it felt like going from a Toyota to Beamer looking at the new machine. Of course it's not a big fancy machine, but for me it is. Now all my machines are new and I'm a happy girl doing the happy dance... This is my reward after gathering firewood for the past three weekends, which is no small task I assure you, but I'm getting a good set of muscles for it. Have a great weekend everyone... ;o)))


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  1. Congrats Ramona on your new machines. Talk about Christmas in January. My Janome is sick and needs work and I miss her so much. What fun you are going to have breaking them in.



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