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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another class project done!!

I started this before Christmas but had to put it aside for a while to keep on top of all the holiday stuff. This is a class I did at Fabric Traders. As a side note, I've just redone Andrea's site for her as it kind of got dumped in her lap to figure out herself, so I made a new site for her and if you have time to take a look, please stop by.

This is what Andrea calls her One Meter Mat. It's learning how to chenille. I always thought it was a bit intimidating, but it's as easy as can be.  It just shows you how you can stop yourself from learning by being afraid to try something. This is the first step. It's just deciding on the size of the mat and then layering all the fabrics you want to use. The bottom needs to be something more sturdy than the rest as it will be on the floor and will get the most wear. I had a stack of flannel pieces, not really big enough for anything, so I stacked the bits and pieces. Then you sew diagonal lines (supposed to be 1/2" apart....oooops, I made them 1" and cut away merrily until I had a flash of panic and asked her. Yes it's supposed to be 1/2" spaces before cutting....Oh well, I will have chunky ribs).


After you've done your sewing, its time to cut through those layers. Easy does it, you want to cut all but the last layer.


Step three is applying the binding. This picture shows that and the heavy cotton I used on the bottom.


And here's the finished product after a couple of washes. The ribs plump up in the wash, the layers separate and the edges fray a bit and does it ever feel good under your feet...



  1. Lovely mat... I am about to have a go at making one....
    Cath Ü

  2. Good for you Cath, It's a lot of sewing on those lines if it's a big mat, but it sure is nice to walk on. Even the cat likes it.. ;o)) Romona

  3. This is GORGEOUS, Ro! Thanks for the step-by-step pics ~ :)



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