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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Friday, December 5, 2008

More Santa paintings

A few posts back I showed you a Santa and Polar bears I had painted a few years ago. I said I had more to show, so today's post is just that. This one is on a metal tray and I can't believe I painted this 6 years ago. It's called Ye Old Toymaker. I did this in a class, more like a marathon as I recall. Add this here, now do this, and this and one point, I had to holler stop. And a collective sigh or relief was heard around the

The teacher got a bit carried away and said that was how the designer teaches her classes and I responded in my usual outspoken way by saying I wasn't in the designers class, I was in hers and I didn't come to class to paint like a crazy person....Of course she looked a bit shocked by that, but it was a moment of frustration and the way she was rushing us along, I didn't have time to even breathe. I knew her personally, but still I had to speak up, it was crazy the way we were steam rolling through the project.

Never the less, I got through that class and finished it off at home. A lot of details and I like to do things right, so I was in no hurry. If you've ever painted, you know that anything you paint is developed in layers and each layer takes time to develop and merge with the one before to create what hopefully becomes a beautiful piece of art. This design is by Bobbi Takashima.



  1. Your tin is very pretty,you did a wonderful job on painting it.

  2. I remember this one when you did it all those years back. Your Christmas display at home must be gorgeous!



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