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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Saturday, November 29, 2008

A skirt for the tree

Even the Christmas tree will get a new lease on life this year. I cannot count the number of years that I keep trying to find time to make a skirt for the Christmas tree. Every year I take wrapping paper and drape it around the base and every year I promise to make a proper fabric skirt. This year it's done. I got this tapestry fabric a while ago from our local Fabric Traders. It was a perfect piece that came in as a trade and I got it for cheap cheap cheap. Beautiful stuff and I'm sure the lady that brought it in was having a change of heart watching me pay for it and walk it out the door... ;o)  I had to do it fast because she was definitely having second thoughts.. This is the same fabric I used to back the stocking I posted a while ago.

Have you wanted to make a skirt and weren't quite sure how to measure it out. It's not to easy when you actually sit down with pencil and paper. This is the easiest way for me to explain it. Measure the length you want it to be from the trunk of the tree to the edge of the branches or wherever you want it reach to. Then make a paper template that will be a triangle shape. Don't fuss over the exact length or width as it will be so big when you're done, that the amount you took in for seams won't matter.  I made mine 28" across the bottom and tapered it to about  5" at the top. Then I took a large serving plate and put it to the wide edge and drew the rounded shape across so the end result would be panels that came together like scallops. Cut out the circular shape you've just drawn, and now you have your template. You will need to cut 6 panels.

In my case the tapestry fabric has a one way pattern. I had two meters of 60" wide and I used it all with a few bits left over. You need to really study how to lay out so you get the most out of the fabric. For two of the panels I had to cut them with the pattern upside down, which is fine. I sewed those two so that they would be at the back on either side of the opening. I serged all the edges as tapestry fabrics will fray. Sew all the panels together making sure to leave the back open. Finish off the top by turning the edge over to create a casing. I turned it over an inch.

Now measure the bottom edge and remember to allow a little extra to go up into the scallops where the panels meet. I used approx. 6 meters of trim. Again trim I bought at Fabric Traders. Look for discounts because when you need that much, those larger ruffled trims can be very expensive. Finish off the open edges by turning over the edge a couple of times and sew. Then I threaded a gold cord through the top casing, tied big knots at either end so it wouldn't pull through causing me to have to rethread it,  and I can draw that around the trunk to tie it on...and that's it....and here's my new tree skirt. Bet you didn't think this post would come with a tutorial to... Enjoy and send me pics if you make one... ;o)


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  1. WHOO HOO! Congratulations on finally getting the Christmas tree skirt done, looks magnificent too!



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