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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Last remarks re: the Hoffman Challenge

Having never entered a "big" contest before, of course I was bound to make mistakes. I got the judges comments back and feel very good about them. I do however understand now where I might have done better and stood a chance at winning a prize.  I post this information only for others like myself who have never entered a big contest or are thinking about doing so. To me it's very important to hear from those who don't know me and are commenting on what they see and not basing their comments on who I am or if my feelings might be hurt. It has to be strictly on what they are seeing as a finished product.

Their comments are as follows:

Overall construction and sewing nicely executed.

None of the peacock fabric is present in the main portion of the doll, a coordinate is used as a cap, peacock fabric used on chair. 

Effective design.

Doll is sturdy.

Extensive beading, securely attached, enhances overall design.

Facial features symmetrical, well done.

Now I realize that I misunderstood or misread the instructions regarding the main fabric. I should have used the fabric in the actual doll clothing and used the silk to cover the chair I made. My bad, but that's okay. She's in the trunk show and that works for me and for my first time out I am not disappointed.

With the letter came a fat quarter of fabric, a cloisonné pin for this years contest, a colour printout of the fabrics for next year and of course an entry form. The other thing they sent was a cd of pointers for entering their contests. It's 30 mins long and gives you some ideas as to what the judges are looking for. It is mostly quilting oriented, but does refer to the other categories of the contest as well. I will enter again and love the choice of fabrics for next year. You can see them here, love the earthy tones, and here is a photo of what they sent.



  1. Romona thiswas helpful to know. Obviously, they thought your doll was good, but you got caught out on a techniality. But as you say, now you know!

  2. I would be interested to know if my doll would have won a prize had I not made that technical boo boo. That's what learning is all about though, it makes you try harder ;o)

  3. It's all a learning curve and at least you will know for next time. The judges comments were very favourable. I love that blue/yellow paisley print. The ones at the link you posted are lovely too.

  4. I have learned to make sure I read the directions clearly and ask if I'm not sure...;o) Next year I hope to make it an original design, body of the doll and costuming...



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