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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Friday, August 22, 2008

Mushroom Soup and More

Are there any mushroom fanciers out there....?? We just learned about a mushroom called Chanterelle's. They are not a readily accessible as fresh mushrooms as far I understand, please correct me if I'm wrong. You can find them in small packages, dried. You will have to re-hydrate them. The package we got has a recipe in it for mushroom soup, so far be it from me to not try it. It is very good I must say.  I also got some lovely fresh parsley from the garden and sprinkled that on to.


And not to forget that with every good bowl of homemade soup, you must have hot biscuits, it just goes without saying. So, I made those as well.


These were made using a recipe from a book I picked up the other day. Instead of using milk, the liquid is yogurt. I gave myself a little break and had a couple of biscuits with the soup. Since my last meeting with the Naturopath, she has me on an eating plan that is just on this side of vegan. It is not as hard as I thought either. I haven't had any meat other than lamb for the last couple of weeks and for someone who does love a nice juicy barbecued steak, that's a long time. ;o~ I have discovered since following this plan, that the one thing that I didn't think was a problem, is. Eggs....I've tried 3 times to eat eggs and each time I discovered I definitely have an egg sensitivity, that was a surprize. It will be interesting to see what else surfaces as I go along. I didn't realize until I started seeing her, how much I eat that may not be so good for me. Nothing terribly serious, but an eye opening exercise for sure.

For those of you who do like to cook and bake, this is the book I found the recipe in for the biscuits. It's a hard cover book, weighs 5 lbs. It's a big book, 2 pages short of 1000 pages.With that many pages, it is cover to cover everything you could ever want to know about vegan eating. There is every conceivable bit of information from weights and measures, to recipes, defining what beans are what...and much much more... The ISBN# is: 978-0-7645-2483-7 and the cover is here. It is well worth it to at least take a look. As a hardcover book it was $40, but in paperback it would be less....but take a good look at it.



  1. OH YUMMY!!! I love mushrooms and mushroom soup is a steadfast favourite of mine. The pics look very tempting. I will look out for Chanterelle mushrooms here. I have that very same book on my WishList over at Fishpond and I definitely plan on buying it. While his book says vegetarian, I've heard that a lot of the recipes are vegan or can be easily veganised.

    I'm actually not surprised that you are showing sensitivity towards eggs. So many people have sensitivities to some of the foods they eat and don't relate it to the real cause because the symptoms aren't noticeable enough. They tend to pass it off as just an upset tummy or the like. Since becoming vegan, I am so much more aware of what is right for my body. :)

  2. You must add this book to your collection Serena, it's a brilliant work. It's so comprehensive that even a person who has never considered adjusting to a more vegan type of eating can manage it.



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