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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hoffman Challenge 2008 Part 1

I'm almost finished the doll for the challenge, should be tomorrow...but for tonight I thought I would show you part of it. This is a chair I made for her. The base is a small wooden plaque with a small wicker basket upside down on top of that and then the base is covered in batting and fabric, then trimmed up. The sitting part of the chair is the top part of a corrnucopia that I cut the bottom pointed part off. I then covered that with tons of batting, about 3 layers thick. This is the first step to the end result. Yes I looks like a potty. I've heard about
So now go to the next picture, the finished chair looks much different. We had to use the main fabric for the challenge but any other for the finished piece. I've chosen to use the main fabric for the chair. It took a while to figure out how to make that work, but I think it came together just great.
The tassle trim worked out well as the tassels were in perfect proportion to the size of the chair. I stuffed the inside of the chair, then made a cushion for her to sit on. I used woven ribbon roses and little roses to trim the corners of the chair on either side of where the little lady will be sitting. I used some leafy trims and mini roses to finish up with what is meant to look like vines growing around the chair.
Tomorrow I'll post more pics of the finished piece with the doll and the embellishments I've added to her, so do check back to see.....


  1. I really like your chair too. Whoever would guess a potty could look so great. Unique use of the challenge fabric. Can't wait to see who sits there.

  2. Hi Cheryl, Thanks so much. I had to do some eye surgery on my poor darling, so I'm a bit late with pics. The poor thing looked like she had a cataract, so now it's fixed.... stay tuned.. ;o)

  3. Romona- Your Hoffman doll is breathtaking! Excellent details. She is sure to be a winner with all the love and care you put into her. Four stars.

  4. Hi Connie, Thanks so much. It took a long time and I worked to do the best I could. I'm paying extra to get the judges comments as well,so that I can hear what a completely unbiased judges/judges would say to help me with future entries...Here's hoping... ;o)



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