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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Friday, July 25, 2008

From the garden

Just a quickie about the garden and what I've been doing there. I decided that since my parsley is doing so well, I have lots and it's so bushy I just had to dry some to keep for over the winter for soups and stews. So off I went and picked some. This is the first batch and it's almost finished now, so I can get more drying this weekend....and it's oh so tasty just as is to...I always load up our salad with good..

The other thing I wanted to try and never have, is making lavender wands. I just knew it had to be easy, but it was always a matter of time to do it. Little did I know how very little time it actually takes. Just gather all your supplies together and off you go to cut the stems. A tip when doing this. Choose the English Lavenders as they have the nice long stems to work with, and also, you must do them as you pick the lavender. If you leave it overnight, the stems start to dry and become brittle, so prepare yourself to do this project start to finish once you get going. Here is a link to blog that shows you just exactly how to make these. Lavender Wands made easy....They really are so easy and smell so great. I also have another type of lavender that is a bushy type, so I have that drying in a bowl and the perfume is lovely....
Did you know that if you are anxious or know someone who is, or a person that suffers from dementia and can't calm down, just keep lavender near them. Spray some lavender scent on their pillows and as they sleep they breath the lavender and helps them to sleep. Ooops, and I almost forgot. The raspberries, those wonderful multil talented berries are riping like crazy just now...If I was good at making jams and jellies, they would be used up in no time, but since I'm not, I'll have to resign myself to standing by them and eat them straight from the canes..

1 comment:

  1. I love fresh parsley, Ro, and the raspberries look delicious too. Great to see you reaping all the rewards from your garden.

    The lavender wands turned out clever thing, you! Thanks for the tips. I am going to plant some lavender in a pot because I miss not having it in the garden since we moved house last year.



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