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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Monday, September 24, 2007

Connie the Dollmaker Part 4

Here's the next step in the dollmaker. I didn't have a cute little tricycle for the bunny and baby doll like Kat used, so I improvised. I had a little bamboo basket, it's about 5" W x 2" H. I gave it coat of paint and lined it with fabric and trim. Don't you think the bunny and baby doll will fit in there nice and snug. You'll see. The other piece that's also finished is the sewing basket. Kat has her's displayed a bit differently but this is just another way that might appeal to you. I made a little sewing basket for Connie. It holds all kinds of things, like her fabrics, lace and sewing notions. Isn't it cute.

The sewing basket is approx. 4" W x 3" H at the top of the fabric and lace bolts. There are little packages of notions at Michaels and the little spools I picked up and just wrapped with cord... Get creative and have fun with this part of the class to give Connie your own personal stamp.

So here are the bunny and baby doll settled into the basket now. She's got her pacifier and bunny, what more could she need. Ah, I know. A clown to make her laugh when she wakes up. That's coming next, watch for it. After that, it's just final touches and Connie will be done.


  1. Romona- The accessories are wonderful! Love them all! Excellent work!

  2. Thanks Connie,
    I'm almost done, just have the clown to do now and the stool is already another evening on it and it should be fini'.. Thanks Romona

  3. Love the sewing basket and the bunny and dolly are soooooo cute!!! It will be great seeing the different stages come together at the end. :)

  4. Hi Serena,
    Thanks so much. I'm on the last leg now, so it won't be much longer until it's all done... Ro



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