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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Connie The Dollmaker Part 2

Well here is the next stage of Connie the Dollmaker. The ottoman is made, and now we have a lovely dollmaker ready to get busy and make all those dolls. If you haven't yet decided to sign up for Kat's online class, give it more thought, you will not be disappointed. The class will be so much fun, the lessons are well done, tons of pictures and when it's all done, what a beauty of a keepsake you will have. Along with all the other elves in the collection and Santa to,they are going to make a fantastic display for your Christmas decorating. Now off to put my things together to make the dolls and extra's.


  1. Romona- Your 'Connie The Dollmaker Elf' is beautiful! Her face is awesome. Excellent work.

  2. Thanks Connie, She is so much fun to work on. Her personality changes with each new thing you add to her...Romona

  3. Ro - she is looking great - bet you are pleased with her progress so far. Waiting to see her finished. Gwen

  4. Hi Gwen, Yes I am pleased with her. I'll be done soon, so watch for her...Ro

  5. Hi Serena,
    Thanks so much. I'm working on the little bits now, so more posts coming soon...Ro



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