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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Monday, August 6, 2007

The Gazebo is Reborn

Well, with just a good coat of paint the gazebo is like new again. It always looks so fresh when something has a new coat of paint on it. The "honey do" list just got way smaller. The fence is done, the gazebo and today the back steps and a small wooden stand that stands next to the gazebo and it's finished. Guess who's going to enjoy supper out there tonight....!!!!
Now if only the corn were bearing. See that lush green bunch of corn plants off to the right, well it's looking good, but not an ear showing. I don't know if it's just going to be reallllly late corn because of the cold spring, but right now it's just looking like a nice green wall. I have some wonderful sunflowers to cut though, they are about the middle of the picture, far side of the gazebo. They are about 7' to 8' tall at the highest point and so pretty. Not the yellow sunflowers, but those great bronze and red tones. When I cut them for the table, I'll be sure to post a picture.

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  1. What a beautiful, relaxing place to enjoy a cuppa or supper. Sigh ~



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