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Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show

Artists In Wonderland Invites you to our Show
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Monday, May 14, 2007

A change of pace

I thought you might enjoy a change from looking at all my doings and enjoy a few flower pics from my garden. I always look forward to seeing that everything survived the wet cold winter months to burst out in the colour in May. Everything seems to have survived except my pink babies breath and my Australian Bottle Brush plant is still struggling. I refuse to dig it out until there is absolutely nothing left. Everytime I think nothing is left, a little shoot appears and proves me wrong. I have a real love for ferns, probably because I also like to take walks in forests. Here are a couple of pics, one of my potted ferns, the other is a maiden hair fern in a pot amongst the miniature maples.

In the same bed is this statue somewhat hidden by the burgundy bleeding hearts. She makes me think she's looking after them.

Not far away from her is a pot of these pretty little blue flowers. I know there is another name for them that keeps escaping me, but they are much like Bachelor Buttons.
Not to be left out of the show are my blue irises. I love irises and this shade of blue is so striking in a bed a green. There are some yellow and white ones coming soon, at least in theory they will bloom...
Are you getting tired yet...?? I have a few more pics to show you. Next up is my small red bush peony. This one measures about 4" across or a bit more. I have another one that's coming along, but it's much bigger at about 7" across or so.
Here is one of my favourite flowers. It's not a long blooming flower, but so worth the wait. This is my burgundy tree peony. It's not quite open but the way the sun was shining on it this evening, it beckoned to be photographed. The bloom when fully open will measure about 10" across... So beautiful... Okay last one for tonight. This is my beauty of a clematis. I'm thinking it really enjoyed all that wet weather we had, because it has started blooming with a vengance and the size of the blooms are amazing. I've left part of my arm in the picture to give you a bit of perspective as to the size of these blooms.. I can't wait for it to be fully out, it will be such a showing...

I hope you enjoyed this little visit through my garden. I will post more goodies later when more things are showing their beauty to. I also got my veggie garden all planted this weekend so soon we'll be able to enjoy the fruits of our labour at the dinner table. What could be better, flowers for the table and good food to eat, all from your garden... Sounds very good to me...

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  1. Ro, your garden is magnificent though it almost makes me want to cry to see how lush and green it is because we are in severe drought here and on Level 5 water restrictions. Iove the fern it all! You take such gorgeous pics too! What veggies are you planting? Sounds scrumptious!



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